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scherma storica Spada e Brocchiere
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Regia Turris will be again at "Naoniscon Games & Comics" 2017, in Pordenone Fiere, Hall 4.
Let's spend a day together with the crew for live performances, infopoint, free gifts, promotionals




Monday, October 3rd, 2016 begins a new season of Historical Fencing in Pordenone!
From 08:30 pm, the gym placed in Via Interna 12, will open for the usually presentation of the 2016-2017 classes. FREE ENTRY...

After the victory of the Instructor Nicola Gasparet to the "SISMA TEST MATCH" last November 2015 (2nd place in Two-Handed Sword), another victory for Regia Turris: our Nicola Del Pup ranked 2nd place in...


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