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I.33 Flos Duellatorum Talhoffer

Historical fencing is for those who want to learn the ancient European martial techniques, differing from the Olympic fencing for the use of different weapons and combat.

Learning Historical Fencing begins studying the guards, the walk and the techniques (forms), then switching to the free assault. In Historical Fencing you proceed with a combat (which simulates a duel) trying to hit your opponent without getting hit and knowing how to defend yourself, even when you are unarmed.

A replica of antique weapons is used for weight and measure, cordless, with adequate protection for use during attacks.


In this school techniques are learnt from treaties of Germanic and Italic areas between the XIII and XV century.

They lead us to rediscover the teachings of the great European masters’ martial techniques with a surprisingly current and effective approach, alternative or parallel to the orientalist culture.

All these techniques have nothing to do with the fencing show, figurative fighting, choreographed fighting; on the contrary, a close distance between the opponents is often expected, for the so called ”gioco stretto”.


All techniques make reference to ancient texts, including:

• the manuscript “I. 33” or “Lutegerus” of the end of  XIII-first XIV century

• “Fior di battaglia”, written by Fiore dei Liberi in 1409

• HS. 3227a Code o “Hanko Döbringer” of the master  Lichtenauer written in 1389.

The school makes it available, for the interested, handouts for internal use and a complete bibliography of recommended texts.



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