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The courses have an annual effect but you can register at anytime of the year, from October to June.

Classes are held in Pordenone and are opened to all, and aim to deepen with particular attention to some techniques/weapons:

• Longsword

Sword and Buckler

• Lange Messer

• Dagger



Safety in the fencing hall is an essential step to carry out the activities of this school. It determines not only the use of wireless and blunt weapons but also by learning the techniques themselves.

If you take part in free assaults, you will have to use the recommended protection.

Every new student is placed in the general program, followed at every stage of learning and can start right away by practicing historical fencing.

You can attend free trial lessons (Reservation is kindly requested).

Nicola Gasparet is responsible for our assets, management courses and classes. From 2017 the fencing training is supported by Simone Casagrande. Both they are National Historical Fencing instructors: graduateds at National  Academy  of Fencing, recognized by F.I.S. (Italian Fencing Federation) and from A.I.M.S. (Italian Association Fencing Masters).

Regia Turris organizes and takes part in workshops and meetings with other schools, for deepening and exchange of views.

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