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Regia Turris is an association created to make known and experiment to others the tradition of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), through a study program and lessons from our training hall.

One of the main interests of the school, is the experimentation of medieval fencing techniques until the fifteenth century. Which is why came the mooring courses to which all members can participate.


The association proposes a learning process to a practical approach from the first lesson.



Each student is followed in his learning program to reach an ever greater autonomy.

However, you cannot miss the theoretical component, in addition to the usual training which refers to the ancient fencing treatise, unique historical sources we have left (HEMA is also the study of ancient treatises).

Lessons of A.S.D. Regia Turris take place in Pordenone every Monday, Tuesday and Friday..



During the year more events are organized by the school, or other international reality, like: seminars, workshops, trainings shared.

These moments become the meeting point for researching topics related to historical fencing and wrestling techniques, even to confront each other on the study of treatises.


(For the essential bibliography see here.)



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